room transformations

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Tip #1: Hang your painting on the wall 54″-58″ from the floor to the centre of the painting

One of the most often asked questions, is what is the best height to hang a new painting.  The ideal height does make a difference in how the art can be appreciated. The most common mistake is hanging art too high, rarely is it hung too low. In the Red Art Gallery, we hang our artwork 54″-58″ from the floor to the centre of the painting. We conducted an informal survey of some of our more serious collectors, asking then to measure their collection, and they all came up with the 53″-57″ range. This may be a challenge when you hang a piece of artwork over furniture, or wish to line up with shelving, wainscotting or windows, but it is a general rule of thumb. The other exception is when you choose to go with salon style or the group hanging method.

Tip #2: Hang a number of smaller works together in “Salon Style” with your centre piece at 56″

Salon Style involves hanging artworks in groupings where they are displayed side by side and on top of each other. In the extreme, works are crammed together corner-to-corner, floor-to-ceiling, either randomly or in some preconceived geometric pattern. Usually, your “centre” piece or pieces would be hung at a 56″ height, and the other works clustered above or below that measurement.

Tip #3: Refresh your room by rotating your art and substituting in a new piece or two

You will be amazed at how “refreshed” your home feels when you rotate your art and substitute in a new piece or two. Investigate the principles of feng shui and see if your living spaces could benefit from the addition of “fire”… i.e. injecting new life in the form of landscapes or figurative works, or bringing “prosperity” with artwork which includes the image of food!

Tip #4: Never stop exploring: your taste may change over time as you view more and different art

No more room on your walls? It has often been said that if you like something enough, you will find a place for it. Just like adding an interesting new piece to an established wardrobe, a new piece of artwork can enhance your existing collection! There is always the ability to put a few existing artworks aside to rotate in and out of your collection as the seasons change. Our tastes also change over time. What appealed to our “art sense” years ago often undergoes a transformation as we view more and different kinds of art.

Bonus Tip: Avoid nasty holes with good quality hooks

Always use good quality hanging hooks with sharp nails specially made and available in art and framing stores when hanging your art. This way you avoid those nasty holes that are left by the wrong kind of hanging device!