Congratulations one final time for the joy of the RED ART GALLERY!  It was a beautiful venture, well conceived and executed, and incredibly worthwhile to the community of Oak Bay and the larger art community itself!

Cheers, Marsha R.

Thank you again for bringing life & cheer into our home!

Suzanne & Willard

Hello there,

I got the painting this weekend – it is absolutely awesome. I will send you a picture of it once it’s hanging in my office, where I spend a huge amount of time and so it’s well placed.  It is bright and happy and original and I’m thrilled to have another nice reminder of you guys and the gallery.

I sure hope once you’ve had a good break that you find yourselves back doing the gallery thing again – I’ve yet to meet anyone so good at making art come alive.

All the best,


Hi Marion and Bobb,

I am one of millions who is very sorry that the Red Art Gallery will soon no longer be. The gallery has been such a delight, so inviting, and the site of so much beautiful art especially yours Marion. The 2 of you have created something very special and you will be greatly missed. I’ve been in many art galleries in my life and never have encountered such a welcoming, unique experience. You are a dynamo couple.

I am so glad to be the proud owner of, what I believe to be, one of your best paintings. As you know it really has struck a special cord with me and I will always cherish it. Thank you so much for creating this.

My best wishes to you both and I will see you soon.



So fare-thee-well lovely people. You’ll never know how much you added joy to my life. I will miss you and the gallery deeply. All the best to you and may you be blessed along your new roads.

Will another gallery be moving into your space, say “The Blue Gallery” reflecting how we feel about your leaving? Unfortunately, it couldn’t hold a candle to all you have brought to our community – bright personalities, fun and most accomplished art, the joy of red. Thanks for the lovely memories and blessings on your way.

Linda Pitt Brooke

To say that over the past six years the Red Art Gallery and the two of you (along with your lovely furry friends!) have been an integral part of our Oak Bay community would be an understatement. I personally can’t thank you enough for your willingness to always step up to support and assist local charitable causes.

I hope you both know that your caring and compassion will be sorely missed and that you truly have made a huge difference not only to Canadian artists, but also in our greater community!!

Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you over the coming months.


Thank you for all you have brought to the world of art.  for our hearts.xx

Lynn Farwell

Thank you for all that you have done and shared. I was lucky enough to have enjoyed one of your workshops held in the gallery. Wishing you a very happy adventure on your next journey. It has been a lovely ride.


I thank you for all you have done through this space. Gratitude and yes best wishes for the next chapter of life.

Peter Van Giesen

Wow! So glad I had a chance to visit! Perhaps a difficult decision for you and a loss for your beautiful community. But the path you are on is a beautiful one too. I’m glad to be along for the ride. You and your beautiful art brings me many smiles. Big hugs to you both. Xoxo

Lora Lee Martin


“Ingrid and I are both so impressed by our experience with your gallery.  We enjoyed the variety, quality and presentation of the work on display. We felt very comfortable and welcomed and appreciated.

The piece we did purchase was a smaller, less expensive piece, yet we felt we were treated as friends or royalty. You could certainly write a ‘how to’ book for gallery owners.  There were so many well thought out and appreciated little touches….”

We are very glad to have found you at your new location, and look forward to future visits to your wonderful gallery.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Many thanks,”

Jim and Ingrid, Mayne Island


Thanks! Best ever buying experience to date . 🙂

We loved the gallery and our visit with you guys. Certainly on our list of places to visit when we return in the Spring!

P. Bissell


Bobb + Marion:  I received my beautiful painting. I am so thrilled to have it and have a reminder of my years in Victoria. I will send a pic once hung. Thank you for sending it. You made my weekend!



Hi Marion and Bobb,

(The commissioned painting of ) Molly has arrived and looks fantastic.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much!



Hi Marion,

I wanted to send you a personal note of thanks for the tremendously generous support that you have given to us through your Picture a Cure fundraiser. Penny and Theresa have both been exuberant in their reviews of the event as well as its success. (And Theresa could barely contain her excitement when showing me the piece of art that she selected for herself as well as telling me about the wonderful time that she had at the event.) I had been hoping to attend your champagne reception last Sunday but unfortunately had to miss it due to a family Easter event. I hope that it went well — please accept my regrets that I was unable to be there.

Thank you for all that you do in support of our organization and the women and children who access our shelter and programs. We could not do this work without you and you help us to make a difference in many lives.

Warmest thanks,

Hello Marion and Bobb,

Thank you for the follow-up photo and information. We are both thrilled with your piece. It hangs in the kitchen /hallway to our bedroom so we enjoy seeing your work every day.

Thanks again.

Hi Marion,

I love you gallery – it has the same wonderful energy that you do!! Bobb gave us a wonderful tour and explanation as to how the gallery works. I was sorry to have missed you and only by a few moments. I am thrilled that the piece resonated with you as it did with me. It seemed to tell of much pain but also much hope and renewal at the same time – especially for the children of the world. I felt a wonderful connection with both you and Bobb and am very happy to have met you both. I look forward to coming to the gallery to see your monthly themes.

Your artwork is beautiful and the colors so vibrant and alive.

Again, I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you, too, for the lovely picture.
Warmest regards, Lesley

Hi Marion,

Your portrait of Chilly arrived and it’s absolutely beautiful! I love it so
much! Thanks again for yet another wonderful painting of my dogs!

Have a great weekend!
Jessica =)


Thanks so much for the wine and chocolates, not to mention the special delivery of the paintings.
Last, we love the paintings.
All the best to you both for Christmas and for 2014 in you new location.

Jack and Jan

Hi Bobb,

Our painting is back on the wall and looks amazing. The black frame really grounds it. Thanks for everything, including the Christmas champagne!

Jean and Alan

Dear Bobb and Marion,

A thousand thank you’s for so generously and thoughtfully helping me with putting the finishing touch on my new home! I so appreciate the effort and time of hanging all that artwork – the results are wonderful.

Many thanks,
Ninette O. Victoria B.C.

Bobb and Marion…..You two are quite amazing! Thanks so much! Thanks again for making this happen so quickly! Mirella was floored by the painting!

Chris D. Calgary

I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much to everyone for making it possible.
Chris continues to have a knack for finding a gift that will leave me speechless!

Big hug to everyone involved!
Mirella (Calgary)

Hi Bobb and Marion,

Thank you for the fantastic visit today. Everyone said you were the highlight of our day.
You are very special people. You are so friendly. You guys were a ray of sunshine in the dreary day.

Thank you for your encouragement to the artists. I know you were an inspiration Marion to me and many others.

Great ideas and info Bobb.


Good afternoon Marion and Bobb,

I received my beautiful painting yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely lift for a Monday.

Thank you,
Roberta B. (Calgary)

Bobb and Marion,

‘Twas a pleasure meeting both of you today. Thanks for the patience with our lovely two year-old, and as promised, attached are a few pictures (before and after) of our new artwork hanging in our dining room.

We could not be more pleased!


I am absolutely thrilled, delighted and chuffed to have been able to buy not one, but two (TWO!) of those paintings. And to get my first two picks is absolutely amazing to me. To be able to buy two great paintings for such a reasonable price is amazing, and you know that at the next show I will buy at least two tickets (and maybe a third one in the noble dog Jake’s name). I am one happy girl!!

Congratulations on your success; it’s just great to see how many unique and community-spirited things you have done with your gallery.

Joan B. Victoria, B.C.
(Mystery Show participant/buyer)

Good morning Bobb,

My wonderfull painting arrived a couple hours ago “en très bon état”.

J’ai maintenant beaucoup de temps devant moi pour continuer à l’apprécier encore et j’en suis ravie.

I will write soon to the artist, Carolyn Kowallyk, and let her know my immediat and profond appreciation.

Thank you again for all attentions !

Bonne fin de journée,
Marlène, Tres Montagne, Quebec
(I took a chance with my limited english … I’m sure you will understand !

We enjoyed our time at your gallery very much and now are enjoying our new painting. Due to the fact that we are not techies the attached photo is a dark. However, rest assured that the painting makes a big splash in our living room and is a pleasure to behold. We are enjoying it!

We still have the other paintings in mind and will be back in Victoria in the fall. Until then take care and keep doing what you do so well, that is, bring positivity and joy.


Garry and Lydia, Edmonton Alberta

Having [the painting] Bees’ Knees Trees in our living room, and facing it each time I come from the hall or the stairs or the kitchen, well–it’s a bit like falling in love. My eyes soften and my heart soars and I have to remind myself that the painting is ours now and not going anywhere.

Then I just feel supremely happy.

Thank you for the thoughtful treats! We lit a fire, chilled the champagne flutes and put together a plate of appetizers. We hung the painting and thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Our home is alive in a new way. It’s very exciting!

Karen and Mike, Victoria. B.C.

Hi Marion & Bobb:

Thank you for inviting us to share this special moment in time with you to mark the 100th painting sold this year and for the lovely gift of “bubbly/chocolates.” We are pleased that the gallery is doing so well, which of course is due solely to your artistic ability. I suppose we should, however, recognize Bobb’s marketeting skills!!!! Again, we are delighted with the bold, vibrant and contemporary piece of art “Amsterdam,” which you created for us. It will brighten our home for years to come.

All the very best,
Suzanne & Willard

I cannot believe I am the proud possesor of another “me!” original… It is spectacular!!! How serendipitous to end up at RED Gallery on the day my Love was choosing me this amazing gift!
Joan & Tom

(from a patron who happened by the gallery while her husband was birthday shopping!)

Red Gallery has a joyfulness about it that is missing from most galleries, largely due to the art that is hanging on the walls. Wonderful! Thanks for giving me and my friend the opportunity to discover the little gem!

Carol S.

Hello Bobb!

We received our package from you yesterday and we LOVE our painting. What a wonderful momento of our wedding and honeymoon in Victoria!

Our visit to your gallery was really a special afternoon and another memory we’ll carry with us.

Terry and I look forward to another trip to Victoria in the not too distant future and will certainly be coming to visit you again!

Jennifer and Terry (the honeymooners from Winnipeg)

Just to let you know that both paintings arrived Monday. They were packaged securely and arrrived in perfect condition. Both are great pieces! I like the warm feel that the colors offer, thoughts of warmth and sunshine! They will bring joy during the long days of winter here in

Calgary. Karen A.

(from a patron who found a completed painting she loved, and decided to order two additional custom commissioned pieces specifically sized to fit)

Thanks so much fot the beautiful painting – my first Marion Evamy – but undoubtedly not my last. The painting is a lovely, cheerful addition to the bedroom. Thank you again. I’ll be back in for a visit soon.

Barbara G.

Nathatlie is very happy with her new painting – you did a fabulous job, thanks so much. We love our “Trojan horse” as well, we placed him above our bed and he looks great – I guess you will now have to paint another one for yourself! Thanks again Marion, your wonderful work has brightened up our house and will be with us always.

Marie and Jonathan

(from a patron who purchased another painting before it even left the artists’ easel)

I love it (“red piano”) so much and everyone who sees it thinks it is wonderful and of course I then have to telll everyone about the new RED gallery. I have rearranged my entire living room around the new painting! Thanks for the complimentary delivery too!

Sharon F.

We are delighted with our latest art puchase. The delivery, hanging and bubbly were a very nice touch – thank you. “Rubbernecking” looks gorgeous in the new kitchen – we love it and have had several compliments ..from friends who saw the painting in the article featuring our home in “House Beautiful”…

Leah and Bruce

Hi Marion, I’m so glad that Alex and Michael made it in – I was hoping to help them choose one or more of your paintings, and I think they will need one or two more! I always had your paintings in mind, while i helped them with their renovation, your artwork always provides that “hit of colour and playfulness”

Deborah R.

(from an interior designer who suggested her clients come into Red Gallery to find that perfect finishing touch)

Dear Bobb,

I regret to inform you that we still LOVE Carolyn’s “roadrunner” painting! It enlivened our living room last night and came to stay this morning. Thanks for your help and for bringing this wonderful piece to us! All the best with your show today.

Dave and Edith

(from a couple who purchased a painting due to be hung at the opening of a new show, and to the dismay of another couple of patrons who also wanted to purchase the same painting!)

Dear Marion and Bobb,

I received your very generous gift today and cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and kind gesture. In all my years of shooting news/sports/entertainment, I have never received something so heartfelt and beautiful as this painting by Gregory Robertson. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I would also like to thank you for your warm hospitality and accomodating my news gathering needs. You were both extrememly helpful and courteous, the world could learn volumes from you. I wish you both much prosperity and wellness, keep up the fabulous work.

Wells G.

(from a CTV cameraman covering a charity art show at the gallery)

Dear Marion and Bobb,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed showing in your gallery. I love your approach and the atmosphere that you have both created. I wish you much luck and success in the years to come – rewards for your hard work and creative vision.

Warmest regards,

(even our artists seem to think we have a very special gallery!!!)

From the article in the Times Colonist by local art critic Robert Amos, titled The Treasures of Oak Bay Galleries…

“Red began a few months ago as a showspace for Marion Evamy, a prolific and free-spirited painter whose near abstract work is very attractive. Professionally, she’s also booked up months ahead for her colourful and energetic dog portraits. Now, due to popular demand, she has generously decided to share her gallery with some talents she just can’t resist.”

Hi Bobb, we received the painting safe and sound yesterday. Thanks so much
for sending it and for the extra goodies! I’m sure we will enjoy the
painting for years to come and will definitely drop in on you again the next
time we are in Victoria. Take care.

Karen & Greg

Dear guys

Thanks so much for fantastic smiley service. I love that you give me
pictures of the folk who liked my work enough to buy it! I love stopping by
and chatting. Thank you for including me in your RED gang!

E xo

(one of our gallery artists)